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Supercharger Supercharger Supercharger
Supercharger Supercharger Supercharger


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  • The 2011 Vortex Electric Supercharger is now a 950+ WATT, axial-flow compressor that blasts out 5.0 PSI of thrust at 1000 cfm! No competitor even comes close. Our product is state of the art, custom manufactured from the highest grade parts.


  • Instant 5psi boost at all RPMs! - 0 TO 25,000-50,000+ RPM in 1/10th second (activated by a momentary type switch at Wide-Open Throttle).


  • 100% Safe operation of any vehicle with battery: High current for only short durations. The charger draws directly from your battery and not your alternator. Similar to how your starter operates.


  • No intake restriction like many cheap chargers on the market.  When not in operation the charger 4.0 inch diameter is equal to a 3.1 inch diameter straight tube piping.


  • Easy DIY installation! The kit comes ready for mounting on most vehicles no matter if you have an aftermarket intake or are using your OEM air box. Small alterations such as adjusting the rubber tubing may be necessary.


  • Works on all engines up to 5.0 liters!


  • Dyno proven technology the leading European organizations

Electric Supercharger Kit

Vortex Supercharger Kit Includes:


    • High Flow Air Cone Filter
    • 1 950 WATT 5PSI Blower
    • Installation Guide
    • Rubber connectors
    • Wiring kit (complete with
      connectors, power relay unit, and
    • *Option Performance Chips


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